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Sailing and motor yacht charter in Ruciane-Nida

The yacht harbour in Ruciane-Nida, located at the junction of Nidzkie and Guzianka Wielka lakes, is one of the most picturesque and functional harbours in Mazury. Its location makes it a key point for yachtsmen and enthusiasts of active holidays in Mazury, offering excellent sailing conditions as well as easy access to the most beautiful Masurian landscapes.

Yacht charter in Ruciane-Nida is a popular service that attracts many sailors wishing to discover the charms of the Masurian lakes on their own. We offer a variety of sailing and motor yachts so that everyone, regardless of their preferences and experience, can find the perfect vessel for themselves. Renting yachts ensures not only an unforgettable sailing experience, but also the possibility to spend time in an active way and close to nature.

We offer, among others, the following classes of motor and sailing yachts:

Motor yachts (houseboats): Nautika 830, Calipso 750

Sailing yachts: Antila 28.2, Antila 27, Antila 30.1

Motor boat charter

Motor yacht charter in Ruciane-Nida is an excellent option for those looking for a faster way to explore the Masurian waters. Motor yachts available for hire allow you to move quickly between lakes and access hard-to-reach corners. They are the ideal choice for those wishing to make the most of their time in the Masuria region and for those who enjoy the thrill of the ride. Renting motorboats from our service is simple and allows everyone to easily experience the pleasure of cruising the lakes quickly.

Yacht rental Ruciane-Nida. A recipe for a successful holiday!

The harbour in Ruciane-Nida is equipped with modern infrastructure, which ensures a high level of comfort. Sailors have at their disposal safe mooring places, access to electricity and water, as well as numerous facilities such as sanitary facilities, showers and sailing shops. There are also catering outlets in the harbour offering regional cuisine and spaces for rest and relaxation.

In addition to sailing and water sports, Ruciane-Nida offers many opportunities to be active on land. The surrounding areas encourage hiking, cycling escapades and wildlife watching. The proximity of the Pisz Forest and the Tuchola Forest National Park means that nature lovers can enjoy the extraordinary landscapes and the wealth of Mazurian flora and fauna.

Your attention is drawn to local tourist attractions. One of the most popular among visitors is the seed extraction plant. It is located on Dworcowa Street and was the place where tobacco was dried for the German army during World War II. Near the seed extraction plant is Villa Anders, which is surrounded by a beautiful park complex rich in rare plant species.

The Guzianka lock is another place worth seeing in this picturesque Masurian village. It was built in the second half of the 19th century, and today it attracts tourists, as do the lakes in which the blue sky is reflected. If you want to take a closer look at these beautiful places created by nature, come on holiday to the town of Ruciane-Nida. Motor yacht charter is an extremely popular service here. Today, you do not have to buy your own boat to go on a cruise that will provide you with many beautiful memories. Just rent one through our booking portal!

Would you like to spend this year's holiday in a different way than before, gaining new experiences and skills? We recommend to you the charming Masurian town of Ruciane-Nida. Chartering a yacht will allow you to establish close contact with nature and spend time in silence disturbed only by the singing of birds. Rent a yacht through our booking portal. It only takes a few clicks to book an unforgettable holiday!

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